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Granoff Architects, established in 1989, is a full-service design firm dedicated to providing outstanding client service and achieving excellence in architecture.  We have a staff of over twenty professionals, with offices located in Greenwich, CT.  We work on a wide variety of projects in four integrated disciplines:  residential architecture, commercial architecture, landscape architecture and interior design.  Our design philosophy is balanced between respect for the past and excitement about the future, which has resulted in work of great variety, vitality and enduring quality.

At Granoff Architects, “green” design is an essential part of everything we do. It is our philosophy to incorporate human-centered sustainable design principles into all of our projects. Strategic building orientation and site design, alternative energy systems and a high-performance building envelope can reduce energy consumption significantly. Specifying recycled and “healthy” materials minimizes the impact of our projects on the earth’s ecosystem.  As LEED-accredited professionals, we have extensive experience with solar energy, geothermal systems and high-efficiency lighting. Our sustainable design philosophy employs cost-effective and practical solutions that not only conserve energy, but also make our buildings healthier places for people to live and work.  As leaders in the field, Granoff Architects offers our clients all of the opportunities and benefits of “green” design.  

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Nearly a century ago, before the New York Yankees found their way to the Bronx, NY, a coal and tar company called 138th street its home. Metropolitan Coal and Tar has since relocated multiple times, changed its named, and established itself as a leading building supply distributer in Western Connecticut. 

Our mission today, at Metro Roofing Supplies, remains the same more than 90years later. Metro works in partnership with all contractors in the area providing PROMPT SERVICE, QUALITY BUILDING PRODUCTS and COMPETITIVE PRICES.

Every customer of ours, regardless of size, is an important factor in our business. We at Metro are driven to build a working relationship through trusted dedication and professional service so that we may meet your company's needs.

Green Initiatives are quickly becoming a popular and valued trend in all facets of our lives. At Metro Roofing Supplies, we offer numerous "Green" roofing solutions, including Cool Series/Solaris asphalt shingles, Energy Star rated shingles, reclaimed roofing materials, and countless recycled roofing products.  

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   "Building Efficiency Resources ("The BER") is rapidly becoming the HERS Rating Provider of choice in the United States today. At the BER our primary focus is an unwavering devotion to our growing team of raters. The energy efficiency industry is changing rapidly and the BER strives to keep raters on the cutting edge through top-level support and an array of educational courses.  We invite you to visit our website at or send an email to us at for more information. "


 Huber Engineered Woods manufactures a wide range of specialty products for residential and commercial construction and industrial applications. Product offerings include AdvanTech® Subflooring, which is engineered for superior strength, moisture resistance and quality and has been voted the #1 Quality Brand Leader from Builder Magazine for 11 consecutive years. ZIP System® roof sheathing and wall sheathing offer structural panels with built-in protective overlays that eliminate the need for housewrap and felt. Simply install the panels, tape the seams with ZIP System™ tape and you’re done. Both AdvanTech and ZIP System offer best in class warranties and exposure guarantees. For more information visit and  



Karla Donnelly is a senior sustainable housing specialist with Steven Winter Associates, Inc.  She is a LEED AP, Homes, a LEED Green Rater, an NAHB Green Standard Verifier, a RESNET accredited HERS Rater, and Building Performance Institute Analyst who provides sustainable design, specification, and construction consulting for residential green buildings. Her work at SWA focuses on sustainable consulting, the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED®)for Homes rating systems, the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Building Standard and implementation of high performance and sustainable building technologies. She works with architects, developers, builders, and homeowners to more fully develop on-site sustainability strategies. 

Srikanth Puttagunta received a Bachelors of Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Masters Degree from the Building Systems Engineering program at the University of Colorado.  He specializes in residential energy systems, including home energy modeling, building diagnostics, systems monitoring, and research and design of HVAC systems. 


Home Slicker from Benjamin Obdyke

The unique, vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix of Home Slicker® provides a continuous space for drainage and drying, a thermal break andpressure equalization—eliminating the threat of trapped moisture. 

•Allows moisture to escape quickly before it damages the sidewall materials
•Protects the wall assembly from the deteriorating effects of mold and rot
•Reduces the chances of premature peeling or blistering of finishes
•Prevents damage from surfactants by separating the cladding from the water resistive barrier
•Saves time and labor costs by eliminating the need for furring strips

Since 1868, Benjamin Obdyke has been helping architects, builders, and contractors in the United States and Canada Build Better™ by developing and adding new advances to its product line.  Benjamin Obdyke develops, sources, markets, and sells proprietary roof and wall products that improve the building envelope and the performance of other building materials for the residential new construction, repair, and remodel markets. Innovations from Benjamin Obdyke, such as the first roofing ridge vent on a roll, the first wood roofing underlayment, and the first rolled product to provide drainage and air flow in rainscreen wall assemblies, have helped shape today’s building practices.  Headquartered in Horsham, PA, USA, Benjamin Obdyke partners with a network of distributors, dealers, buying groups, and cooperatives to reach building professionals in the United States and Canada.


Green Building Advisor is dedicated to providing the most useful, accurate, and complete information about designing, building, and remodeling energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy homes.

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Invention of STYROFOAM™

In 1941, Dow invented a process for extruding polystyrene to achieve a closed-cell foam that resists moisture. Recognizing its superior insulating properties, buoyancy and "unsinkability", it was originally adopted in 1942 by the U.S. Coast Guard for use in a six-man life raft. That was the start of many other wartime applications by the Coast Guard and U.S. Navy.

Even in the early 1940s, the spirit of the Human Element was exhibited by the Dow research chemist who invented STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation.